New Sound Muffler Ordered

A second sound muffler has been ordered. The new muffler will work in conjunction with the current muffler to further reduce the sound level generated by the boiler’s exhaust fan. This muffler is specifically designed to reduce only the sound level of the fan’s tone (about 315 Hz), whereas the current muffler has shown to be more effective at reducing non-tonal sounds. We are working with the manufacturer’s engineers and our sound consultant on the project. We are having it expedited, so instead of the typical 8-10 week design and delivery time frame, it will be delivered in about four weeks. We understand this isn’t ideal; however, it’s the quickest they can have it to us. We will continue to operate in pilot-light mode in the evenings and on weekends until the second muffler is installed. We also will continue to share progress on this site.