New Muffler Update

After working with engineers and having a second muffler custom designed and expedited, we are sorry to report the second muffler has failed to solve the issue. This obviously is not the situation we were hoping for. We apologize to the members of the community who have been affected by the noise for the past four months. Please understand that we want this resolved as quickly as possible, as well. Our company has been a part of this community since 1949. We are committed to being a good neighbor. We wish there was a quick and easy fix to the noise.

We have located a manufacturer who is willing to design an alternate fan, which we are told will produce much lower sound levels. A new fan will most likely result in the need for a larger smokestack. We are waiting to hear how long this will take. We have asked that the fan be expedited at our expense.

Again, we apologize for the disturbances our operations have caused. We will continue operating the fan in pilot-light mode in the evenings until a solution is determined. We will operate in pilot-light mode completely on Dec. 24-25 with the hopes that everyone can have a peaceful holiday.