A New Fan and Stack

After consulting with three different manufacturers, we’ve ordered a new custom fan that is being designed to produce significantly lower sound levels. This larger fan contains 20 blades (vs 8 blades on the current fan), runs at a slower RPM (1700 vs 2200), and its blades are specifically designed to reduce noise (backward curved vs radial blade). Along with the fan, we’ve ordered a new stack and all new pipes. We’re expecting the design and delivery to take 12 weeks, at a minimum. We will post updates as we receive them from the manufacturer.

We have been running slightly above pilot-light mode during the day and in complete pilot mode in the evenings since December 21. We will continue to operate at these levels until the new equipment is installed. As always, please feel free to email us at info@rayanceylumber.com with questions or concerns. Thank you.